Our success as a company comes through continual rededication to principles that have always been part of Geonyx, including investment in our infrastructure and in the professional development of our people looking to the future; we are confident that Geonyx will gain market share in its business, where our size, depth and reputation are competitive advantages.The commitment of our employees is key to achieving our goals for the future.


Itís amazing what you can learn when you take time to listen to clients, and have the determination to change based on what they say. One thing you find out is that you can never stop changing and growing, learning and improving. Listening may seem like a basic principle, but it works remarkably well. Geonyx is focused, and driven by its commitment to client service. We have built our company, upheld its values, and developed our people on the premise that meeting and exceeding the needs of our clients will yield sustained growth and profitability.


We recognize that our success is achieved by earning the respect and confidence of our clients.For this reason our staff is dedicated to providing quality, professional service for each assignment received.