Geonyx Seismic Services personnel have processed data from all over the world, in Europe, Asia, Africa, United States of America, Gulf of Mexico and Latin America.  Our biggest strength has been processing land data in areas of large static such as mud lumps, where static work is very extensive and solutions may require several passes or programs to resolve.


We have experience in processing at floating datum, resolving noise trends and the merging of several 3-D surveys pre-stack. It is in areas like this where success is not attained from simply focusing on the problem. It is the result of understanding the client’s needs and objectives to be able to customize the processing sequence.  Geonyx offers a full range of processing services that include, but are not limited to:


*            Geometry application and Q.C.

                        *            Multiple suppression.

                        *            Several deconvolution methods.

                        *            Refraction and tomography static solution.

                        *            DMO.

                        *            Post and pre-stack noise rejection.

     *            Several migration algorithms for pre-stack and post stack in time.

                        *            AVO products.


Geonyx helps clients arrive at an appropriate product, one not only of high quality, but one that offers solutions to the problems encountered by each unique survey and clients’ requirements.